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San Pedro Alcántara, from agricultural colony to fashionable tourist destination 5 Jan 2018|LibeHomes

San Pedro Alcántara is known today as one of the most fashionable destinations of the Costa del Sol. Located in the western end of the municipality of Marbella, San Pedro is the favorite of those who seek all the quality of life offered by the Costa del Sol —including the advantage of a magnificent beach at your feet— but with a quieter touch than the bustling Marbella or Puerto Banus. However, few know that San Pedro Alcántara was founded to become the most modern and important agricultural colony in Spain.

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Marbella, second Spanish destination in hotel profitability this summer 12 Dec 2017|LibeHomes

The summer of 2017 has been very profitable for hotels in Marbella. In fact, it is the second vacation destination with the highest hotel profitability in Spain, according to the latest barometer published by Exceltur, an association that includes 23 of the most important tourism companies in Spain.

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Marbella Beach Clubs, a day and night paradise of relax, cuisine and party 1 Dec 2017|LibeHomes

Among the many leisure centers in Marbella, if we had to choose the undisputed kings, the prize would undoubtedly go to the Beach Clubs. Indeed, what other tourist facility can boast of combining beach, luxurious surroundings, infinity pools, elite restoration, cocktails for all tastes, disco, chill out music…? Beach Clubs are the only leisure centers that can offer all the luxury services of an elite destination such as Marbella.

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Four restaurants with Michelin stars confirm the rise of Marbella to the status of a top cuisine destination 28 Nov 2017|LibeHomes

Everyone has heard of Marbella as a paradise of luxury and nightlife: luxury shops, nightclubs, high-end cars… We can confirm nowadays a new dimension of Marbella as a top gastronomic destination, among the other great areas of elite restoration in Spain. Among the wide variety of choices, the quartet of restaurants that have earned Michelin stars, the highest international gastronomic award, stands out in its own right.

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Malaga, the second fastest growing airport in Europe 15 Nov 2017|LibeHomes

The Malaga airport is nowadays one of the top three in Europe with a highest annual growth, a fact that reflects the extraordinary progress of the Costa del Sol as leading tourist destination worldwide. In 2016, the airport registered an estimated growth of 15.7 percent in the passenger section, a figure only exceeded by London-Luton, which came close to 20 points.

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Will Rafa Nadal be present in Marbella’s 2018 Davis Cup? 10 Nov 2017|LibeHomes

Will Rafa Nadal be in Puente Romano, playing the Davis Cup in 2018? This is the big question that all tennis fans are asking themselves. The problem is that the dates of the cup, in February, are very shortly after the Australian Open. In case Rafa will be doing well in this tournament and, especially, if he reaches the final, it will be very difficult for him to attend the Davis Cup.

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Personal Shopper, the rising star in the real estate universe 19 Oct 2017|LibeHomes

The Personal Shopper figure is undoubtedly the superstar in the world of high-end consumption in our day and has long escaped the exclusive sphere of luxury stores to become an increasingly popular expression. The real estate sector requires such a degree of specialization that the concept of Personal Shopper has even incorporated a particular name, Property Finder.

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Home Staging: what is it good for? 1 Aug 2017|LibeHomes

The concept of Home Staging refers to a series of techniques that improve the appearance of a property and make it more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. The Home Staging technique was conceived and developed in the United States, some three decades ago, and is now being used in Europe in an increasingly professional way. It must be taken into account that, when the real estate offer abounds and potential clients are very demanding, we must try to differentiate our home from competitors in the real estate market.

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