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Which is the best French-speaking real estate agency in Marbella?31 Mar, 2021 Manolo Alarcon

Best french-speaking real estate agency in marbella

Which is the best French-speaking real estate agency in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis, Casares, Manilva or Sotogrande?

This is a question we hear more and more frequently and it is no wonder. A traditional paradise for the British, the Costa del Sol has seen a steady increase in the number of French inhabitants and visitors. If we add Belgians and Moroccans, these three nationalities together are the largest group of foreign buyers of real estate in the area.

If we look at each country separately, the British are largest group of foreign residents on the Costa del Sol, around 15.5%. However, if we look at the language that we hear around, we may be in for surprise.

The French-speaking group of foreign property buyers is the largest in Costa del Sol

Indeed, if we add French (7.4%) to Belgians (6.3%) and Moroccans (4.8%), then French-speaking home buyers in Costa del Sol are the largest group, with 18.5% of the total. The other prominent groups are Germans (7.5%), Swedes (5.8%) and Italians (5.4%).

Moreover, Moroccan, Dutch and Belgian tourists are the ones who have remained the most loyal to the Costa del Sol, despite the Covid (two groups of Francophones in the top three).

Logically, this Francophone boom on the Costa del Sol is bringing about an increase in the number of real estate agencies that offer their services in French.

Real estate services in French… and much more

What are the features of an agency that aspires to become the best French-speaking real estate agency in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis, Casares, Manilva or Sotogrande? The most obvious answer would be French-speaking real estate agents, who can:

– accompany buyers in their search for their ideal property.

– advise and accompany selling owners in the marketing and sale of their properties.

However, real estate agencies provide more than that. They offer a diverse range of services that can be useful to their clients. Logically, the greater presence of French-speaking residents on the Costa del Sol attacts a growing number of professionals and services that advertise “on parle français”.

Libehomes, a real estate agency specialized in French-speaking clients

Our Marbella real estate agency, Libehomes, is a specialist in French-speaking clients. It’s logical, since its founder and director, Manuel Alarcon, exemplifies a life between the Spanish and French worlds. Raised a step away from the border between France and Spain (in Rosas, Girona), he spent all his school years in France and he is completely bilingual. He also has extensive experience in the French-speaking markets, as well as a wide network of contacts and friends (including Belgium and Morocco).

Aware of the needs of our French-speaking clients, Libehomes offers real estate services in French and much more. We have French-speaking collaborators, such as lawyers, builders and other professions related to housing.

Practical and sentimental reasons give us a special motivation when we work for French-speaking clients. Especially when we have the pleasure of completing with them the important operation involving the purchase or sale of a real estate property.

31st Mar, 2021 by Manolo Alarcon

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