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Villa Graziella, luxury by the sea in Sant Lluis, Menorca30 Oct, 2020 Manolo Alarcon

villa graziella sant lluis minorca

Villa Graziella is a luxury villa by the sea in Sant Lluis, Menorca, one of those places in the Mediterranean that still evoke the feeling of an authentic refuge. Preserved from the ravages of mass tourism, full of charming places, Menorca envelops visitors with beauty as soon as they arrive. Its landscapes, its traditional villages, its beaches and coves, its sunsets… the beauty of Menorca is calm, harmonious, sedating by nature.

Villa Graziella is located in the southeast of the island, in the renowned urbanization of Binisafuller Roters. It is an essentially residential environment, consisting of villas surrounded by green spaces, a short walk from the sea. Everything around breathes tranquility.

Created by the prestigious Menorcan architect Pedro Luis Mercadal, Villa Graziella reflects elegance and distinction on all sides. And this is not a detriment to functionality, conferred to the villa by an intelligent design, know-how, experience combined with taste. We talk about an architectural work of contemporary style, of sober lines. However, the warm tones of the materials and a wise dosage of traditional architectural elements give it an extraordinarily cozy feeling.

luxury villa in sant lluis minorca

As soon as we enter the property, we notice the first of many characteristics that make Villa Graziella something special. The entire villa “revolves” around the spectacular, partially covered patio that welcomes us and has access to all the rooms. This is the heart of the residence, with its fountain at the center and framed by elegant columns. With the starry sky as a roof, it is an idyllic place for outdoor celebrations.

Another feature that catches our attention in this luxury villa in Sant Lluis, Menorca, are the large windows on the main façade, allowing sunlight to flow in. The nearly 1,500-square-meter plot leaves nothing to be desired, with its swimming pool and its well-kept garden, all sheltered from outsiders’ looks.

And to top it all off, on the rooftop, the lounge-solarium space, with 360º views, the ideal place to relax contemplating the sea or one of the incredible Menorca sunsets.

coast in binisafuller roters minorca

To all its good qualities as a residence, Villa Graziella adds the fact of its location in a spectacular setting and only 300 meters from the sea. The coastline in the Binisafuller Roters area is a paradise for both rock and sand lovers.

There are several small rocky coves bathed by an intense blue sea, true wonders of nature. The best known is the natural pool known as “La Olla”. It is a small cove embraced by rocks and protected from the waves, perfect for swimming. The accesses with ladders facilitate the immersion and the pleasure of the bath in this spectacular environment.

Binisafuller Roters is a very quiet area, but by no means isolated or unpopulated. A short walk away we find a very special place, Binibeca Vell. It is an urbanization built in the 1960s, but in perfect imitation of a traditional fishing village. It has even its small church. The narrow and intricate alleys and the whitewashed houses are so perfectly achieved that they have the power to transport us to other times.

cove in binisafuller roters minorca

A 10-minute drive away we find the white village of Sant Lluis, the center of the municipality. It is one of the most beautiful, in a region of spectacular villages. Sant Lluis has a distinguishing feature, its French heritage.

sant lluis village minorca

The island of Menorca was occupied by the French during the 18th century. And they founded the village, which bears its name in honor of King Louis XV of France (not forgetting his predecessor on the throne, King Saint Louis IX of France).

The French footprint is visible in the rectilinear layout of the streets, a characteristic of neoclassical urbanism of the 18th century. Strolling through them is a real delight (as is enjoying the exquisite regional cuisine in one of Sant Lluis restaurants, such as S’Oliveira, La Bolla or La Rueda).

30th Oct, 2020 by Manolo Alarcon

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