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Advantages of buying a house and living in Marbella23 Feb, 2023 Manolo Alarcon

advantages buying house marbella

Advantages of buying a house and living in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis or Sotogrande. What’s special about these areas? Why more and more people are buying homes here?

There are many advantages, but the difference is in the details. Some of the known advantages:

. A privileged climate (300 sunny days a year) for an open-air lifestyle.

. Variety of houses for all tastes: luxury villas surrounded by nature, apartments in the liveliest areas, on the beachfront, in the historic center….

. Safe investment: the market is quite stable even in times of crisis.

. Inexhaustible leisure offer (golf courses, horse riding, discos, beach clubs…).

. Animation throughout the year: there is no low season in Marbella!

. Top cuisine in first class restaurants.

. International schools of recognized prestige.

And now let’s see in more detail what is true in these and other alleged advantages of buying a house and living in Marbella. Myth or reality? We already anticipate that, in our opinion, the main advantage of buying a house and living in Marbella is not on the previous list. We summarize it in this idea: Marbella is much more than Marbella.

The weather, an advantage of buying a house and living in Marbella

The climate of Marbella is indeed fantastic. It is a true microclimate, with more than 300 sunny days a year, of mild winters and not too hot summers. In Marbella you can really enjoy the winter season.

In fact, in Marbella the denomination “low season” (winter) has been eliminated; winter has been unified with the previous “middle seasons” (spring and autumn) in a single great “middle” season with occupancy peaks typical of high season. For good reason: the activity of hotels, restaurants, shops and services in general increases nonstop.

Marbella has nothing to do with the typical tourist areas that only come alive in summer and are dead in winter. Marbella has a well-earned reputation as an area ‘open to the public’ 12 months a year. So-called “residential tourism” has big importance in this respect: we mean homeowners who do not reside in Marbella permanently but spend frequent periods in their homes.

Marbella, a benchmark for luxury and quality of life

Marbella has been able to preserve and enhance the characteristics that define it as the capital of luxury and glamour. The five-star hotels, the luxury shops of the Golden Mile and Puerto Banús or the haute cuisine restaurants are all a good sign of this (the traditional ones that still exist and also the new ones that come up every now and then).

An important key: the development of excellent infrastructures of all kinds. Marbella is no longer just synonymous with quality and luxury tourism, but with quality of life in general. The number of permanent residents who buy their homes in Marbella continues to grow.

Buying a house in Marbella is a safe investment

This is undoubtedly a clear advantage of buying a house and living in Marbella. The real estate market, even in times of crisis, is comparatively stable. And if we talk about luxury homes, even more.

The new home development business in Marbella is very dynamic. And yet, Marbella is sustainable. How is it possible? Thanks to a wise planning and development policy, which is also an international model.

The green areas in Marbella are extensive and they are well protected. Marbella does not suffer the degradation and overcrowding of other areas. No tall skyscrapers blocking views here, nor will there be: their construction is not allowed. Because Marbella has large areas of land to expand and create new residential developments. And this brings us to (in our opinion) the greatest advantage of buying a house and living in Marbella:

Marbella is much more than Marbella: the “Golden Triangle”

When we talk about Marbella, we are not referring only to the city, nor to the large municipality, which has 24 beaches along its 27 kilometers of coastline; when we say “Marbella” we refer to a large territory known as the “Golden Triangle” which also includes the extensive municipalities of Estepona and Benahavis. The real estate market in this entire area is a single market.

And this is so thanks to another of the advantages of buying a house in Marbella: the excellent highway communications. The highways have allowed the integration of all these municipalities into a single large tourist and residential area, with quick access from one to each other.

Just consider that the distance between the cities of Marbella and Estepona is only 26 kilometers (less than 25 minutes by car). And Estepona and Benahavis are following in the footsteps of Marbella when developing their quality-oriented real estate and tourism model. Together they configure not only the best, but also the largest residential area in the Mediterranean.

Two Golden Miles: Marbella and Estepona

As an example, the famous Marbella Golden Mile has its extension in the New Golden Mile, located in Estepona. This is the residential area located in the easternmost part of the municipality of Estepona, on both sides of the A-7 motorway, with villas, luxury apartments and golf courses (like El Paraiso Golf).

The city of Estepona itself is experiencing a spectacular development, to become a true  Marbella’s “little sister”. And all this avoiding “urban disasters”, always preserving and enhancing its attractions, just like the city of Marbella has done (a beautiful old town, a magnificent beach and a promenade that is unrivaled in all the Costa del Sol, among many other things).

The Coastal Path: the entire coast on foot or on your bike

By the way, it is worth mentioning the great project of the Malaga Coastal Path. The Andalusian government has a very advanced project for a gigantic promenade that will allow people to travel on foot or by bicycle practically the entire coast of the province of Malaga.

This will be longest coastal walkway in Europe, covering an impressive distance of 184 kilometers, of which more than 80% are already passable. The Malaga Provincial Council has created an online map where you can see the projected sections and those that are already open: Malaga Coastal Path Map.

The Coastal Path is a good example of the aspect we want to highlight here: Marbella is much more than Marbella and it even goes beyond famous towns within its municipality, such as Puerto Banús or San Pedro de Alcántara. The entire “Golden Triangle” is included within the word Marbella.

And if the coasts of Marbella and Estepona are added together, we get some 50 kilometers of coastline, with more than 40 beaches. All this must be kept in mind when we consider the advantages of buying a house and living in Marbella.

Benahavis, the beauty of panoramic views

As we go inland from the New Golden Mile we enter the municipality of Benahavis. Benahavis is a picturesque Andalusian mountain town whose urban area is small, but its municipal territory is very extensive. As we enter Benahavis, the terrain rises, which gives the entire area spectacular views.

In Benahavis we find areas of luxury villas (La Quinta, El Madroñal and its maximum exponent, La Zagaleta, the most exclusive in Europe). There are also luxury apartment complexes (Monte Halcones, El Herrojo, Reserva de Alcuzcuz…). And it is also an area known for its excellent golf courses: Marbella Club Golf Resort, La Quinta, Los Arqueros, El Higueral Golf…

Seeing Marbella as the entire Golden Triangle (Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis), the variety of residential areas and types of housing becomes almost inexhaustible: from traditional Andalusian houses or flats in the lively historic quarters, or on the seafront, to modern villas of minimalist lines in the middle of nature, or next to the golf courses.

Costa del Golf (and other sports): a great advantage of living in Marbella

The leisure options in Marbella are also inexhaustible. Golf deserves a special mention, with more than twenty magnificent golf courses in the area, including those of Nueva Andalucía (Las Brisas, Los Naranjos, Aloha); La Quinta Golf & Country Club, Los Arqueros, Los Flamingos, Marbella Club Golf Resort (in Benahavis) or El Paraiso, Atalaya and Valle Romano (in Estepona).

In addition, in a few minutes by car we find elite golf courses in Finca Cortesín (in Casares) or in Sotogrande (another golf paradise, with the Real Club Valderrama, the Real Club de Golf Sotogrande, La Cañada Golf, La Reserva Club or the San Roque Club).

Other than golf we find prestigious tennis and paddle tennis clubs in Marbella, such as Puente Romano Tenis & Fitness, Manolo Santana Racquet Club or the Royal Tennis Club Marbella; also horse riding and polo clubs, such as the Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande. And we could go on mentioning sports, like trekking or even skiing in Grenada: the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada are just a couple of hours drive away.

Schools of great international reputation

Another advantage of buying a house and living in Marbella is the presence of elite international schools, where students can follow their entire education curriculum. We highlight among them: Swans International School, San José de Guadalmina, Sotogrande International School, Aloha College Marbella, German School of Malaga and The British International School of Marbella.

Close to all the wonders of Andalusia

As we have seen, there are multiple advantages of buying a house and living in Marbella. Lastly, let us mention its ideal location to visit and get to know all the wonderful destinations that are within a comfortable distance by car: Malaga (city of museums, 1 hour); Grenada (2 hours); Cádiz (2 hours), Córdoba (2 hours 12 minutes), Seville (2 hours 40 minutes), etc.

If you plan to buy a house in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis or Sotogrande, our real estate agency Libehomes is a specialist in villas and country houses in these areas.

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23rd Feb, 2023 by Manolo Alarcon

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