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The best tennis and padel clubs in Marbella 1 Jun, 2022 Manolo Alarcon

Club de Padel y Tenis Nueva Alcantara

The best tennis and padel clubs in Marbella are… almost all of them (given the great quality of sport facilities in Costa del Sol). Nevertheless we have selected the clubs that boast a degree of excellence, whether we talk about the quality of the courts, the trainers, the services provided…


The Alhambra del Golf Padel Club is located in the municipality of Estepona (bordering Marbella, in the exclusive area of ​​Guadalmina Baja). Its location is ideal for residents of the areas of western Marbella, such as Guadalmina, San Pedro de Alcántara or Puerto Banús.

The Alhambra del Golf Padel Club is entirely dedicated to padel. It has 6 artificial grass courts, in a pleasant environment that makes it especially welcoming.

The club offers padel classes for all levels. Their only drawback: they don’t have many Mix-In options (mini-tournaments organized by the club, pairing the players who sign up with each other). Currently they only have it for women, on Fridays at 9:30.

For the rest, if you come with a partner or in a group, it is an extremely pleasant place to practice padel.

The club has a restaurant and a clothing and sports equipment store.



After several years closed for renovations, the Nueva Alcántara Padel and Tennis Club reopened its doors on February 9th 2022.

Nueva Alcántara is the residential area located on the sea side of San Pedro de Alcántara. The club therefore has an ideal location for residents of San Pedro, Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía, Guadalmina and Estepona New Golden Mile.

This is a club dedicated mainly to padel. It is in fact the main reference among the Marbella padel clubs. It has 11 padel courts and 4 tennis courts.

The Nueva Alcántara Padel and Tennis Club offers a complete training program. It organizes mix-ins for beginners (Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.); and also for medium-high level (Thursdays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.).

In addition, the club has a restaurant and sports equipment store. The facilities also house a complete gym. This belongs to a different company, so you have to pay separately.



The Real Club Padel Marbella is a reference in this fashionable sport.

Located in the interior area of Puerto Banús, it has a perfect location for residents of areas such as Nueva Andalucía, San Pedro de Alcántara or Guadalmina.

The Real Club Padel Marbella has 10 padel courts: 8 of them of artificial grass and 2 (the faster ones) of synthetic resin.

It has a padel academy, with classes organized in groups, and also individual classes.

The club organizes Mix-In sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Apart from padel, the club offers a complete gym with areas for indoor and outdoor training.

It is a perfect place to go with the whole family. It has a large recreational area with a restaurant, a bar with a pool table and a children’s area with a bouncy castle.



Located a few meters from the Real Club Padel, in Puerto Banús, the Club Internacional de Tenis & Padel offers excellent facilities for practicing both sports.

It offers 3 clay tennis courts with grandstands and ATP court dimensions, 4 “hard” courts also with ATP dimensions and 2 artificial grass padel courts.

The Club Internacional de Tenis & Padel offers group classes for children and private classes for adults. The prestigious ex-professional tennis player Javier Garrido directs the school.

It does not have the Mix-In option —to match players with others of a similar level— so you have to go in pairs to play.

The other services offered are a bar, sports shop and private parking.



The club is located next to the Aloha Golf Club, in Nueva Andalucía. Therefore, it is at a very convenient distance (less than 5 minutes drive) for residents in all the urbanizations of this area: Los Naranjos, Las Brisas… It is also very close to La Quinta (Benahavis) and the Puerto Banus area.

Aloha Tennis Club has 3 tennis courts (2 hard courts and one clay court).

It offers tennis training and classes for all levels, from young and amateur to professional level.

The club also includes an indoor yoga area, with daily sessions.

It also offer a bar and restaurant and parking with 24 hour security.



The Tennis Brothers Marbella Club is located in Nueva Andalucía, very close to the Aloha Golf Club. It is therefore in a very convenient location for residents in this large area of ​​the municipality of Marbella. Specifically, it close to the areas of Los Naranjos, Las Brisas, Aloha and also Puerto Banús and Marbella Golden Mile. The club is also just a few minutes drive from some of the residential areas of Benahavis, such as La Quinta.

The Tennis Brothers Marbella Club has five plexipave courts (“hard court” type). This material provides an intermediate bounce, without irregularities in the trajectory of the balls. It is ideal for training and to enjoy.

Proof of the high quality of its facilities: they were chosen by Boris Becker and Novak Djokovic as the training venue for the 2014 Australian Open. The club was founded three decades ago by brothers Bernard and Frank Frances, ATP professional players from the Brazilian and French tennis associations.

The Tennis Brothers Marbella Club enjoys a great reputation as a training center for tennis players.

The Tennis Brothers Marbella Club team has prepared a number of professional players, including members of the ATP Top Ranking.

The club’s academy trains children in groups

The club’s academy trains children in groups and adults in individual lessons or with another player. They organize one-day mini-tournaments and Mix-In on Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

As a complement to the specific tennis preparation, the center also offers plyometric sessions, athletic training based on jumps to increase the power of the muscles and the speed of movement.

The club has a nice bar-restaurant next to the tennis courts.



Los Granados Racket Club is a padel club located in Puerto Banús, a few meters from the beach and the marina area.

Los Granados Racket Club has 5 synthetic resin padel courts, one of which is covered. They offer padel classes for all levels and organize weekend tournaments once a month.

Its bar-restaurant stands out, with a very good gastronomic offer. And of course its location, unbeatable for combining a day of tennis with enjoying the beach and all the leisure options in Puerto Banús.



The Manolo Santana Racquets Club is a true reference among tennis clubs at all levels. Until shortly before his death on December 11th, 2021, the idol of Spanish tennis personally selected the trainers of his club, to guarantee the excellence of his tennis classes.

The Manolo Santana Racquets Club is located at kilometer 2 of the Istán highway, very close to the golf clubs of Nueva Andalucía and 10 minutes by car from Marbella city center.

It has 6 tennis courts, for all modalities: 3 hard courts, 2 clay courts and one grass court (so all Grand Slam tournament surfaces are included). It also has its padel area, with 4 courts.

The club offers tennis and padel classes of all kinds: for adults and children, individual and groups. They also organize Mix-In for both tennis and padel, for all levels: Wednesdays for beginners, Thursdays and Saturdays for intermediate levels and Fridays and Sundays for high levels.

The Manolo Santana Racquets Club is much more than a tennis club. It is a complete sports center for the whole family, with a gym, fitness room, yoga, taekwondo and ballet classes, pool with swimming and aquagym classes.

Children also have the option of a Summer Camp, which includes volleyball, soccer, ping-pong and other sports for maximum enjoyment outdoors, all in a bilingual English-Spanish environment.

Of course, the club has a sports shop and also a restaurant, the Grand Slam, cozy and with an extensive menu of excellent cuisine.



The Puente Romano Tennis & Fitness Club is the Mecca of tennis in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. It was founded in 1979 under the direction of none other than Björn Borg and for many years it was managed by Manolo Santana (the main court is named after him).

Affiliated with the ATP, it has hosted important tournaments and has welcomed great world tennis figures (Boris Becker and John McEnroe among others).

In 2018 it hosted the Davis Cup round of 16 between Spain and Great Britain. On March 5, Spain qualified for the final phase of said tournament against Romania, precisely on the Manolo Santana court, in tribute to the Spanish master.

Its emblematic headquarters in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile offers 10 tennis courts (8 clay courts and 2 “hard courts”, plexipave). The club also includes 4 padel courts, all of the highest professional level.

The Puente Romano Club tennis academy (Escuela Amor & Paz) is run by Pepe Imaz in collaboration with Marko Djokovic (Novak Djokovic’ brother). It offers options for everyone, from 4-year-olds to training for professional players.

Classes take place morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday. There are annual programs, from September to June, and also vacation programs in the school summer months.

Among the best tennis and padel clubs in Marbella

The Premium program is an individual, tailor-made tennis course, prepared according to the client’s requirements.

Finally, the Puente Romano Club reserves its VIP Experience for the most ambitious (and exclusivity-loving) players. The stage is of course the Manolo Santana court. And the experience is a 3-day workshop (of the kind known as “tennis clinics”) with the renowned Spanish player Pato Clavet, who reached number 18 in the ATP ranking.

The experience will be dedicated to improving all aspects of the game: technique, strategy, competition and analysis. After this intensive program, hand in hand with a top-level professional, the participant obtains a precise diagnosis of his/her game and the keys to maximize it, making the most of all his/her capabilities. The VIP Experience includes accommodation at Hotel Puente Romano.

Apart from its tennis and padel courts, the club has: a gym with state-of-the-art Technogym ARTIS machinery, an activity room, a massage room, a sauna and a Turkish bath, a restaurant and a professional shop.



El Mirador Club de Tenis y Padel is located in the urbanization of the same name, in the northern area of Marbella city (just above the AP-7 motorway).

This is the inland area of Marbella’s Golden Mile, with the most exclusive villa developments (Sierra Blanca, Nagüeles, Cascada de Camoján…).

El Mirador Club de Tenis y Padel has 6 padel courts and 3 tennis courts (two clay courts and one Flexipave, intermediate speed).

The club offers classes for all levels: Pretennis, Initiation, Improvement and Adults.

The club organizes tournaments, although they do not have the option of Mix-In, so it is necessary to go to play in pairs.

El Mirador is a good place to go with the whole family, as it has a leisure area for children and a multipurpose room with various activities (yoga, pilates, stretching, aerobics, etc.).



Los Monteros Racket Club is next to the exclusive Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort hotel complex.

It is located 8 kilometers east of the city of Marbella, along the A-7 motorway, very close to luxury residential areas. It is also next to the great golf clubs of Marbella East (Santa Clara, Marbella Golf, Rio Real) and the beaches with more glamorous beach bars (Trocadero Arena, La Cabane Beach Club…).

Los Monteros Racket Club has 5 tennis courts in total: 2 clay tennis courts with a top clay system, which combines a textile membrane with high-quality clay; and 3 “hard courts”.

Hard court is ideal for an intermediate game, with bounces halfway between clay and grass, also avoiding irregularities in the trajectory of the ball.

The club also offers padel courts

The club also offers padel courts and one quite special among them, not seen everywhere: a beach-padel court (also suitable for beach volleyball), to enjoy playing on white sand without having to go to the beach.

The courts can be rented in pairs, but the club also offers the option of Mix-Ins. Just sign up and the club team will look for fellow players of the same level to organize a mini-tournament.

For classes, the club has the Set Academy, with courses organized by age and level. There are also individual, personalized classes and special courses at specific times of the year.

The club also has a gym with state-of-the-art machines and a cafeteria.

Thanks to its collaboration with Hotel Los Monteros, the club offers Hotel + Tennis packages, which include the use of the facilities during the stay.



Very close to Los Monteros, less than a kilometer down the A-7 motorway, we find the Royal Tennis Club Marbella. The club offers 8 magnificent clay tennis courts, a hard court and 2 padel courts.

The club organises Mis-Ins on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 12:00, on Fridays from 09:30 to 11:30 and on Sundays from 11:00 to 13:00. The Mix-Ins are supervised by a coach (drinks are included).

The club also organises a good number of tournaments. It is the annual venue for more than 20 federative tournaments for different categories, such as the ITF seniors.

As for classes, the Royal Tennis Club Marbella offers all levels: Mini-tennis, Beginners, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level (both tennis and padel, for children and adults).

As a bonus, the Royal Tennis Club pays great attention to a sport that normally goes unnoticed: ping-pong. The club has 4 professional tables and also classes for all levels.

Ping-poing develops concentration and abilities

Ping-pong develops concentration and the ability to make quick decisions: several studies have shown that it increases the intellectual performance of those who practice it.

In addition to racket sports, the club has a gym equipped with state-of-the-art machines and a team of professional fitness instructors. It includes activities such as Power Pilates, Stretching, Body Sculpting and Aerobics.

There is also an outdoor swimming pool —25 meters long and 10 meters wide— with swimming lessons during the summer season.

In case someone still wants more sport, the complex has two professional pool tables “Pyramid” type (Russian manufacture), 12 feet long.



The Club Padel Pinomar is located very close to the Royal Tennis Club, just a couple of minutes away, also on the A-7 motorway.

The club has 6 padel courts with state-of-the-art artificial turf. The floor is made of porous concrete, for a perfect drainage during the brief rainy season.

The court is covered with artificial turf 12 mm high, filled with blown sand. This allows for a perfect game for players of all levels.

The club is not limited to padel: it also ofers has a 7-a-side football field, an outdoor gym with various activities and fencing classes.

The Kids Sport Club organises sports activities for children and also events of all kinds, such as birthday parties.



Driving 2 more kilometers along the A-7 motorway, we find the Don Carlos Tennis Club, associated with the emblematic Don Carlos Leisure Resort.

This tennis club is located very close to some of the most prestigious residential areas and developments in Marbella East, such as Elviria and Hacienda Las Chapas.

Don Carlos Tennis Club offers 7 excellent clay courts and two fast Rebound Ace courts, the type of surface used at the Australian Open.

There are individual, pair and group classes, and the possibility of tournaments, but the club does not organize Mix-Ins.

Don Carlos Tennis Club is located close to some of the best beaches in Marbella, with the emblematic beach club Nikki Beach.



Marbella Sports & Padel Club is located in Elviria, one of the most prestigious residential areas in Marbella East.

This is an exclusive, members-only Padel Club. In total it offers 10 padel courts, 8 full-size and 2 for individual play.

We also highlight a modern Technogym/Outrace gym (outdoor and indoor gym).

The club also offers a sports shop and the NJOY bar-restaurant.



The best tennis and padel clubs in Marbella are (in our humble opinion) the following:

Tennis clubs:

  1. Puente Romano Tennis & Fitness
  2. Royal Tennis Club Marbella.
  3. Manolo Santana Racquets Club

Padel clubs:

  1. Club de Padel y Tenis Nueva Alcantara.
  2. Real Club Padel Marbella
  3. Alhambra del Golf

Club de Padel Marbella

1st Jun, 2022 by Manolo Alarcon

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