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Why buying a house offplan is a good option in Marbella26 Sep, 2019 Manolo Alarcon

Buying an offplan house in Marbella or rather second hand? This is one the first questions a buyer has to decide before purchasing a property.

If you really want be the first to live in your brand-new home, buying offplan is the most likely option, since the number of new properties already built and available for purchase is very low.

A few properties may remain unsold when a new development is finished, but obviously they won’t be the best ones. Apart from this, there are a number of reasons why buying offplan could be more interesting for you.

First of all, you will buy cheaper, up to 40% below market prices of already built properties. Moreover, with real estate prices going up —as it is usually the case in Costa del Sol—, the value of your home will have increased at the moment of delivery. The market price of your property will be higher than the amount you paid for it.

Second, if you have well defined preferences for your new home, such as orientation, qualities, surface, number of rooms, etc., finding your ideal property will be easier when you examine all the different options offered in a new development —as compared with looking for it in different, already built developments.

Then you have the great advantage of being able to customize your home. Developers usually offer different possibilities to their clients, including structural features of the properties, such as plan distribution.

Usually you will be able to meet the architects beforehand, so as to study the options available in this respect. Other elements, such as flooring, kitchen equipment, walls, etc. are even easier to customize and include a wider range of options.

When buying offplan, we have to make sure that the developer has a bank guarantee for all the payments that you deliver.

This way, if for some reason or other, the properties do not arrive to their completion, you will always be refunded.

For your tranquility: this is mandatory by law in Spain and our team of attorneys will thoroughly check all legal aspects of any property purchase.

So, if you are considering the possibility of buying a new home in Costa del Sol, purchasing an offplan house in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis or any other place has a lot of advantages and it won’t keep you awake at night, provided you are accompanied by true professionals during the process.

26th Sep, 2019 by Manolo Alarcon

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