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The revolution of industrialized construction shines in Estepona23 Sep, 2019 Manolo Alarcon

Fast, solid and sustainable. These are some of the advantages of the new industrialized system of construction which is revolutionizing the real estate market and is staging its triumphal entry in Costa del Sol: Vanian Valley, in Estepona, is the biggest such project in Spain.

Forget about bricks, concrete and scaffolding. The new trend on construction techniques is based on huge pieces to be assembled, as if the house was a giant Lego.

These modules —whole walls made of new materials— are elaborated in factories and then transported to the chosen plot for their assembly.

What are the advantages of the new industrialized techniques of construction?

First of all, the industrialized construction reduces the delivery time of the properties to approximately half, from 18-24 months it takes in traditional promotions to 10-14 months in the industrialized projects.

This is achieved thanks to the simultaneity of the works: while traditional construction  does not start properly until underground works —with sanitation, pipes, etc— has been finished, the modules of the industrialized houses are fabricated at the same time in a factory and then they are transported and assembled.

Another advantage of industrialized homes is quality. The modules are elaborated in assembly lines, under a high quality control and in the safe environment of a factory.

Note that an industrialized house is not the same as a prefab house: the first is elaborated according to a specific, exclusive design, and it is adapted to the ground on which it is going to be erected. It is not just an assemble of pieces that could be used anywhere.

Moreover, this process of elaboration favors creativity, since it allows an easier fabrication of singular elements to be incorporated in homes.

Yet one more advantage of industrialized construction: it is environmentally friendlier than traditional methods, reducing noise, CO2 emissions and waste during the process.

If you are planning to buy a house in Estepona, Marbella or any other city in Costa del Sol, an industrialized house is a very interesting option in terms of time saving and of value for money.

23rd Sep, 2019 by Manolo Alarcon

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