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What is the Breeam certificate? 9 Sep, 2019 Manolo Alarcon

The Breeam certificate is the most widely used environmental assessment method for nature-friendly construction.

In simple terms, it sets the standard for best practices in construction and has become the recognized measure of a building’s environmental performance.

The certificate evaluates various characteristics established during the different phases of construction, from the choice of materials to the design and the maintenance of the building.

Obtaining the Breeam certificate is not easy, because its criteria are very demanding: after all, it is a voluntary seal, but it goes well beyond the mandatory regulation.

The companies that use it therefore demonstrate a very serious commitment to a sustainable development and a strong desire to protect the environment.

In addition to respect for the environment, Breeam certified homeowners get a stronger guarantee on the quality and technologies used in the construction of their properties; significant savings in property maintenance, thanks to efficient energy consumption systems; and an increase in the value of their property, given the prestige of Breeam, the growing demand for this type of certification, and the limited number of developments that get it.

9th Sep, 2019 by Manolo Alarcon

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