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The Orchidarium area of Estepona: the beauty that lives inside19 Aug, 2019 Manolo Alarcon

With some 1,300 different species of orchids and 5,000 of plants in general, Estepona Orchidarium is one of the places to see in Costa del Sol.

The impressive building is divided in two levels separated by a bamboo forest and it includes visual attractions such as a pond, a waterfall 15 meters high and three glass domes, the highest of which stands at about 30 meters high, offering a striking image to the visitors.

Nevertheless, it’s not only what is inside, but also the surroundings: the beautiful, modern-design building is situated in a cozy park with exotic trees, just a 5 minute walk from Estepona city center and the promenade.

A visit to the Orchidarium is a nice opportunity of going beyond the populous streets closer to the beach and of discovering the “inner core”of the city.

Estepona has indeed developed the right way in recent years, becoming an example of sustainability. It comes as no surprise that buying a home in Estepona has become The Choice for residents and investors alike, since it offers an unbeatable combination of tradition and modernity. The Orchidarium area is just one its beauties.

19th Aug, 2019 by Manolo Alarcon

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