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Rafa Nadal makes it in Costa del Sol too10 Jun, 2019 Manolo Alarcon

The fact that Rafa Nadal is a legend is something we have heard and seen many times, but his 12th Roland Garros is an event so special that we have not been able to resist paying tribute to him in our blog.

Just consider: among the mythical tennis players of previous generations, only one (Björn Borg) managed to win 11 Grand Slam titles throughout his career (after his last victory in Roland Garros, Rafa can boast 18 Grand Slams, only surpassed by Roger Federer, with 20).

Now, Rafa draws attention not only his success on the tennis court, but also outside it, as shown by the successful investments he has made with the income he has earned as an athlete (about 80 million euros, according to ATP estimates).

Not surprisingly, our wonderful Costa del Sol has not been missed by the hawk’s eye of our greatest tennis star. A year ago Rafa landed in Estepona with his partners Manuel Campos and Abel Matutes jr. (son of the Ibizan businessman and former minister), owners of Mabel Casa del Mar SL, an investment company dedicated to the luxury real estate sector on Costa del Sol.

It looks like that they have made a remarkable start: as the economic newspaper La Información points out, “the prize is Los Llanos estate, in Estepona, just a step away from Marbella and one of the few virgin lands left on Costa del Sol.

A lush beachfront eucalyptus grove, with small farms here and there. The owner of the 36,800 hec. property was Vee Inmuebles Estepona SL, controlled by the German businessman Uwe Cloppenburg, owner of the textile trade chain Peek & Cloppenburg, based in Düsseldorf, one of the most important in Germany.

Cloppenburg had conditions not easy for any buyer to fulfill. He asked for 20 million euros with no reservation fee, in a single payment.

In spite of the bulky size of the property, only 10,000 m2 are fit for construction, with detached and semi-detached houses as the best option, notwithstanding the fact that, like all properties bordering the coast, there must be an area of land reserved for a promenade.

The result can be an area of beachfront luxury homes in one of the most sought-after and expensive areas of the Costa del Sol”.

In summary: Double congratulations, Rafa!


10th Jun, 2019 by Manolo Alarcon

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